Type of Memberships

Type of Memberships

The ISEB consists of members in the following categories:

  • Patron members
  • Institutional members
  • Life members
  • Ordinary (Annual) members

Admission and qualification for membership:

  • Patron members: Any distinct person, who is willing to support the society as advisors and can pay the fee assigned for the Patron members for the approval of the Executive Council.
  • Institutional members: The Executive Council may admit any institution or any society or organization as an Institutional member, which is interested in the objects of the society on such conditions as may be specified by the Executive Council from time to time. Two members may be nominated as nominated members by the institution.
  • Life members: Any person, who is interested in environment ecology, environmental protection, plants biodiversity conservation, pollution abatement and sustainable development through research and outreach programmes and is willing to serve the society life-long after fully contributing the said life membership fee may be deemed to be a life member.
  • Ordinary (Annual) members: Any person, which is interested in the objects of the society on such conditions as may be specified by the Executive Council from time to time.

Renewal of membership:

Membership of the Society can be availed any time during the year and will be effective from the date of receipt of membership dues. ‘Institutional’ and ‘Ordinary’ membership will be valid for twelve months and will have to be renewed within 15 days of the date of expiry.

Termination of membership

  • A member may, for whatsoever reason, withdraw from the Society by expressing his/her wish to do so in a letter addressed to the Secretary. The Society, however, shall not be liable to return any fee that might have been paid by him/her.
  • If a member does not pay his/her annual membership fee by the due date, he/she will automatically cease to be a member of the Society.
  • The President, with the approval of Executive Body, may terminate the membership of a member who is found involved in the activities detrimental to the Society.

Privileges of members:

  • To attend the General Body meeting of the Society
  • To hold any post of the office of the Society
  • To have voting right in the event of election.
  • To have the right of communicating articles, research papers for publication in Newsletter/Journal
  • To receive a copy of newsletter (gratis) or any other publications
  • Overseas members will receive electronic version of the newsletter.
  • To avail concession in the Registration fee for attending National/International conferences organized by ISEB.


The following are the categories of the members with their membership fees:

Patron Member Rs. 20,000.00 US $ 1000
Institutional Member Rs. 15,000.00 US $ 500
Life Member Rs. 6,000.00 US $ 200
Ordinary Member Rs. 1000.00 US $ 50

Foreign and Indian members (including NRIs) can pay by outstation cheques or via Wire transfer/Electronic transfer through Swift Code payable to

A/c Name : International Society of Environmental Botanists (ISEB)
A/C No : 34053964552
IFSC Code : SBIN0010173
Swift Code : SBININBB157
Branch Code : 10173
MICR Code : 226002051
Bank : State Bank of India
Branch : NBRI, Lucknow Branch

The Executive Body reserves the right of revising the membership fee, from time to time with the prior notice to the members of the Society.

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