Environews is Official newsletter of ISEB and was launched on 1st January 1995. It is published quarterly every January, April, July and October.

  • EnviroNews caters to a wide range of readers, including those who are not trained scientists but are deeply interested in current environmental issues. Our endeavor is to target governmental policy makers, industry leaders and lay readers to educate them about latest scientific advancements.
  • Complete issue of EnviroNews (in pdf format) and articles of interest (in HTML) are available at this web site.
  • Printed copies of current issues are mailed free to all members of ISEB. However Resident nationals of SAARC countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) who are paying membership fees as applicable to Indian nationals will NOT receive the printed version of Environews but will receive only the electronic (.pdf) version by e-mail.
  • EnviroNews is also supplied in exchange for scientific literature published by reputed organizations and NGOs.

Instructions to intending authors/contributors

  • Due to paucity of space (being a 12 page quarto size quarterly newsletter) only invited articles are published in EnviroNews.
  • Unsolicited articles from life members of ISEB are, however, considered for publication, subject to the recommendations of the reviewers.
  • The article should be based on author's own research work or, it could be a review article on a general topic related to environment or plant science. It should be limited to a maximum of 5-6 typed pages. Electronic submission of article through E-mail is preferred.
  • Scientific equations, formulae, graphs, charts, photographs and literature references are not published
  • Other members and non-members are, however, welcome to submit for publication, ‘Letters’, ‘Conference announcements’, ‘books’ and matter related to ‘News flash’ and ‘News and views’.
  • All correspondence regarding EnviroNews should be addressed to - Chief Editor, International Society of Environmental Botanists, National Botanical Research Institute Campus, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow-226001, India (E-mail: isebnbrilko@gmail.com )


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