Rights and Duties of the Members and the office bearers of the Executive Body

A. President

  • President will preside over the General Body and Executive Body meetings.
  • President may delegate his powers to Vice- President or Secretary for proper functioning.
  • President may act on behalf of the Executive Body.

B. Vice-President

  • He/they will perform such powers delegated to Him/them in writing by the President.
  • In the absence of the President, the senior most Vice-president will preside over the meetings, and exercise his powers.

C. Secretary

  • He will act as Executive Officer to coordinate the Activities of the Society.
  • He will be responsible for all correspondence on behalf of ISEB.
  • He will scrutinize all expenditures.
  • He will incur expenditure up to a limit as prescribed from time to time by the Executive Body.
  • He will maintain membership records, minute books and correspondence file.

D. Additional Secretary

  • To assist the Secretary in day to day work and to exercise the power of Secretary in his absence.

E. Joint-Secretaries

  • They will help Secretary in all matters of ISEB

F. Treasurer

  • Treasurer will be responsible for collection of membership fee and other dues.
  • He will furnish the accounts of ISEB to General Body and the Executive Body.
  • He will maintain cash book, membership and monthly income and expenditure records (voucher files).
  • He will be getting the financial records audited.


  • An advisory body, comprising of eminent scientists, social workers and administrators, who have distinguished themselves in the area of environmental research/education/awareness, is constituted to advise and guide the Society from time to time. The members of the Advisory body have all executive power including the voting right.
  • The President ISEB will nominate these members on the advice of the Executive Body.

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